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Sunday, 12 September 2010


The tumbleberry is a remontant strawberry - it crops heavily all summer and autumn.  I planted these last year, dotting them all over the garden, some in shade and some in full sun, in good compost and in damp, clay soil.  All survived and grew into big clumps.  These do not produce runners.  To 'make' more plants, just break the clumps up, ensuring each bit has roots attached.

Tumbleberry flowers
The most successful clumps were those grown in pots in semi-shade as fruits were allowed to grow to a full size.  Those in the ground were usually half eaten by slugs, snails and creepy crawlies before they had a chance to grow any bigger.  Soil quality did not seem to matter.  Being buried under 6" of snow for a couple of weeks did not matter at all!
The fruit is sweet and very fragrant, described by a friend as tasting like "bubblegum wine".  Definitely worth having in the garden.

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