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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Pampered 'aubergine'

In late spring, my friend Kyri gave me an aubergine (eggplant) seedling from his greenhouse.  I placed it under a cloche surrounded by other seedlings on the patio.  On cold nights, I worried about it's ability to survive and even considered placing a hot water bottle by it's side.  Anyway, it pulled through and gradually this handsome plant emerged. Anyone recognise it?
Young 'aubergine' with green fruit
By mid-summer, I was ready to give up on my aubergine plant.  It was grown in a luxurious pot and fed copious amounts of potato fertiliser but the fruits were minute..... 
The smallest ripe 'aubergines' I've ever seen..... 
Finally a call came through - the 'aubergine' was actually a weed!

P.S.  Kyri also gave me a pepper plant.

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Lovely Florean said...

Hello there, I love gardening too. It called "Leunca" or "ranti" ( Solanum Nigrum L ) in indonesia , not aubergine eggplant. Happy gardening :-)