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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

First steps in May

I started sowing heritage and non-hybrid seeds in early May in recycled receptacles.  These were then left on the patio under cover of upturned clear plastic containers to do their thing.  Germination rates were surprisingly good and amazingly, most seedlings were in the ground by month's end.....

Bog rolls rule!
'Champion of England' climbing peas, 'White Emergo' runner beans,
'Summer Crookneck' and 'Pattison Orange' Patty Pan squashes,
'Russian Mammoth' and Aussie sunflowers, 'Hestia' dwarf runner beans,

'Golden Sweet' yellow mangetout, 'Cupidon' dwarf beans,
dwarf sugar snap peas, 'Double Standard' bicolour sweetcorn,

2 yr old Digger's Club heritage tomato seeds - every single seed germinated!
'Sanguina' beetroot,
Rocket in the fig pot,
and 'White Lisbon' spring onions
Climbing frame for tall peas
Teepee for beans, net frame for mangetout and yes,
the grass needed cutting!

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